Thursday, November 29, 2018

Week 2 of the 7th Annual BOGO Sale with Sandra Duran Wilson

Welcome to Week 2 Selections for the 7th Annual BOGO Free Sale. 

Every year for a limited time I make my paintings available for an incredible deal. You buy one and you get one free. The pricing even includes shipping to the continental US. Contact me for other shipping options. Because these prices are already an incredible value, I accept checks, but you may pay with a credit card for a 3% charge to cover the fees. PayPal, linked to a bank account rather than a credit card also works without adding any fees.
The BOGO began Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving Day. I will post 8 paintings every week on Thursday for six weeks. The final post will be December 27th and the sale will end on Jan 3, 2019. I often have a final bonus post the last week.
I love doing this every year because I connect with so many new collectors and reconnect with long-time friends. If you see something you like, email me right away so you can claim it. Don't let your favorite get away. Please share with friends. The price includes shipping to only one address, but you can team up with a friend. You get one and they get one. How cool is that!
Select ones you like; you may choose from any week. If you see one you like, let me know and I will save it until you find your second painting. They go fast! When you have made all your selections, send me a check and I send you the paintings. If you need another form of payment contact me for options. Here are the prices. Remember this is the price for 2 paintings including shipping to the continental US. This special only happens once a year for a very limited time. Don't miss out!
2 - 8x8 for $285 and it includes shipping
2 - 10x10 for $385
2 - 12x10 for $485
2 - 12x9 for $685-these are cradled, no frames
2 - 14x11 for $695
2 - 12x12x2.5 $795
2 - 14x14 framed for $795
2-  16x13 for $895
2 - 14x14 unframed for $995 
2 - 26x14 for $1495 

Some frame sizes vary in width and depth, and some are unframed. All framed ones are in black wood floater frames. Check overall dimensions and descriptions. If you have any questions please email me. The two paintings you select only have to be the same price. If you select 2 different priced paintings you will pay the price for the higher of the two.

purple, copper, green, textural abstract painting.
Stairway to the Stars 14.25" x 11.25"
framed vertical abstract painting BOGO
Stairway to the Stars side view

This is my favorite new painting. The depth, the textures, the hidden writing and the yummy colors all come together in a special way. I just finished it and I hope it goes to a new home soon or I may hang it in my home. Grab it fast. It is framed and ready to hang. Get two for only $695 and that includes shipping. Only once a year and most of these are paintings I just finished, never seen before. Contact me to claim this one. 

This painting is part of this week's BOGO SALE, Click HERE to Purchase.

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