Sunday, June 4, 2017

Amazing Grace..Watercolor..Texas Artist..Rae Andrews

This is a large watercolor on Arches cold press paper.

It captures the feeling I had while walking in a wonderful area in France a few weeks ago, a hidden lagoon with reflections ..I scrambled through the dense forest to get to this place and boy oh boy, what a reward!landscape, reflections, trees, forest, water, bold colors, texas artist rae andrews, fine art prints, fine art workshops

Just captivating and this scene stayed has with me wanting to be painted for weeks. I took many photos of this area but as usual photos cannot completely give the same awesome feeling one gets when they are actually there looking at the scene.

For this reason I did this mostly from memory. I used my photos to 'bounce' but in the end, the scene is really out of my memory/feeling reserve.

I also embellished my colors a lot as France is so GREEN, and it's overwhelming to me in a painting. Hence my use of some warm accents, which truthfully were not there at all.

Hope you like this one, it was a fun image to paint and I know I will be painting more from this area in the future.

                                                                    18" x 24" (unframed)
                                                                          $450 plus S/H

                               This image is also available in prints from Fine Art America:

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