Friday, March 3, 2017

A CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE WORKSHOP with Passionate Purposeful Painter Holly Hunter Berry



                                With Holly Hunter Berry


                                                                  April 28-29, 2017

Conroe Art League Gallery
127 Simon St,
 Conroe, Texas

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What can you expect from this workshop? Have you ever wanted to create a landscape but instead of looking exactly like what you see, have it be one that tells a story? Your interpretation of the landscape instead of just the facts? A landscape that is fun to create using a variety of materials?

 You will be creating a painting (plus numerous exercises) that is done with an awareness of a foundation of theory but with a large dose of intuition.(You will be given notes and a demo on how to use color, value, shapes, and line. Plus an overview on how to best compose your painting)

We will use photos for inspiration. You will be guided in how to work with them so you can bring life to your canvas and have it explode with color and inspiring shapes!

Holly will show you how to layer the paint so light goes through your painting, how to mix any color you want, how to create that “WOW” in your work! This will be a fun, energizing workshop where you get to loosen up and create something new and original, a landscape that is all yours!

 A variety of materials and supplies will be shared with you in addition to numerous notes.

You will leave the workshop with enough information from Holly's notes plus your exercises, so you can go home and continue exploring these new techniques!

Holly loves what she does and is passionate about painting and teaching what she knows. Join her and allow her to share almost 40 years of experience with you!
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